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TFS are committed to contributing towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable market place. Please find our Environmental policy statement below, for further information or a full policy please contact us:

TFS - Environmental Policy Statement

TFS recognises its responsibilities in the minimisation of any potential adverse environmental impacts of its operations and activities.

TFS are committed to continually improving its environmental performance, through raising awareness throughout the company, complying with all relevant environmental legislation and reporting the results on an annual basis.

The company will, wherever practicable, utilise fencing materials and products that are environmentally sensitive.

TFS will pay particular attention during construction activities to the emission of pollutants, to the reduction of noise and dirt and to the careful use of pesticides, herbicides and toxic treatments on our fencing supplies. Taking the most stringent precautions in order to avoid health hazards whilst ensuring that our environmental impact is kept to an absolute minimum.

TFS will continue to develop an environmentally responsible approach to the management of the Company. This will include recognition that sound management of energy and resources in turn can lead to savings in cost and can create a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Directors of TFS Ltd take personal responsibility for the environmental performance and we are committed to:

  • The development of meaningful environmental performance and evaluation procedures, which are reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Board and all employees.
  • The prevention or reduction of pollution via the control of all transport, production and related processes and the utilisation of best available technologies and suppliers where possible.
  • Ensuring that all timbers used are derived from sustainable sources and that sustainability can be verified by internationally accepted means.
  • Ensuring that the use of energy is minimised and reviewed to enable environmental improvement where possible.
  • Waste minimisation and the recycling of materials wherever possible.
  • Providing all employees with appropriate ongoing training to ensure individuals are aware of the company’s environmental responsibilities
  • Providing accurate environmental information and advice to our suppliers and customers.
  • Protecting local water from accidental damage through appropriate monitoring methods.
  • Using, wherever practicable, materials / services that pose the least risk to the environment.

The company will progress towards improved environmental performance and ensure continual improvement by means of linked strategies:

  • Meeting all relevant UK/EC legislation and Directives as set forth by the Environmental agency. (Including procedures to cover all NetRegs such as land, materials, equipment, water, waste and nuisance)
  • Total quality Management / Quality initiatives
  • Measuring, monitoring, documenting, maintaining and reviewing all environmental targets and objectives
  • The Environmental Policy and the achievement of the goals to decrease waste and the company’s environmental impact will be monitored on a regular basis.

The achievement of this policy is dependant on the strict following of the procedures laid out in the Environmental procedures report. The report and the policy are to be reviewed annually by the directors of TFS to ensure they are up to date and that performance can be monitored.


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