Case Study: Sutton Park Primary School

The Challenge

Sutton Park Primary School needed to find a fencing contactor to carry out major works for the schools facilities. One of the main challenges was to ensure the primary schools fencing provided security for pupils, as this is one of the main priorities when dealing with schools, to ensure children are safe at all times.

Sutton Park School needed a contractor who could deliver beyond the basic timber fencing requirements and provide a secure fencing perimeter around the school boundaries with sufficient security on all sides as well as on the gate systems themselves. However, Sutton Park needed the fencing to look pleasant to not only school children but also their parents and potential students parents. The fencing needed to be secure but also aesthetically pleasing to ensure it looked like a primary school as apposed to a higher security compound.

The challenge was to have a firm carry out all the works required to the standard and quality expected ensuring the safety of the students whilst keeping the design and colours visually pleasing and matching the school image. The work also had to meet the required deadlines meaning the contactors needed the capacity and staff skills to ensure delivery on time. Finally Sutton Park primary had a limited school budget, which meant the winning contractor had to provide a competitive price that was based upon the limitations of the school budget.

The Solution

Sutton Park Primary selected TFS as the preferred supplier for the works despite several competitors bidding for the same contract. The contract for the work included approximately 400m of perimeter fencing, one set of electric sliding gates and one large double gate system. All work had to be both highly secure as well as visually appealing.

Drawing upon the needs of the school and the budget limitations TFS used their experience and knowledge to help select the most suitable fencing for the contact. Working in partnership with the school TFS delivered a flexible, innovative and adaptable solution to the schools needs. Delivering approximately 400m of 2.4m High perimeter fencing, one electric sliding security gate system and one set of high security double gates including locks and furnishing.

All the steel products were galvanized and finished with green RAL-6005 powder coating, as well as being inspected for any sharp edges, gaps, loose fittings etc that could potentially be hazardous to school pupils. All steel products were also finished in the green powder coating to ensure they fit in with the schools surroundings and did not look intimidating despite providing a high level of security for students.

Furthermore TFS supplied the most competitive bid to carry out the works and have experience through working with over 14 schools around the North East of England; as such this demonstrated both the capacity to undergo the work as well as the experience and quality standards expected when working within the school building sector.

TFS are proud to say they maintain a good relationship with Sutton Park Primary and are still the first port of call for any maintenance and fencing requirements.


  • Access to skilled and experienced professionals, to assist with planning and installation
  • Competitive rate to match school budget
  • Quality controlled work standards maintained over course of contract and inspected along with school principal on regular intervals
  • Highly skilled and mobile workforce on hand at all times
  • Strong relationship between built TFS and Sutton Park Primary
  • A personal approach offering flexible, innovative and adaptable works to suit the needs of the school
  • Experience with over 14 schools in providing high security and aesthetically appealing fencing.
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