Case Study: Hull City Council

The Challenge

Hull City Council as part of their ongoing plan to improve the quality of the local housing estates needed a fencing contractor to fulfill all fencing requirements for void properties within the Hull catchment area.

After reviewing the scale and diversity of the contract Hull City Council faced the challenge of finding a Fencing Contractor with several key attributes to carry out the work required:

  • Experience - The company needed to have sufficient experience and a skilled workforce to deal with a diverse range of fencing from smaller bespoke fencing solutions to large scale jobs. Furthermore the contractor needed to offer all forms of fencing including a range of materials such as timber and steel.
  • Capacity - The supplier needed the capacity to carry out work for a catchment area with over 6000 houses over an ongoing period. Including skilled staff, equipment and transport capacity.
  • Reliability - The Council requires a reliable company who could not only fulfill all requirements but could also be trusted to assess properties independently and advise on fencing requirements needed to make the property secure for new tenants as the Council did not have the capacity to review every site themselves.
  • Quality assurance - Hull City Council required a high standard of fencing services and a firm who could deliver these over a long and ongoing period.
  • Competitiveness - The contract would be awarded to a firm possessing the necessary attributes as well as all the pre-requisites set out by the council during the tender process. Furthermore the winning contractor needs to offer a competitive service at a competitive rate.

The Solution

Hull City Council have selected TFS as one of the main contractors for carrying out fencing requirements for over 6000 council properties within the local area. The contracts have been successfully renewed and ongoing for over 10 years.

TFS were selected after excelling in all criteria at the start of the tender process. With competition from several other firms, TFS maintained high levels of efficiency as well as quality and have successfully held those standards to the present day.

The work between TFS and Hull City Council has been ongoing. When a council property is left void and is then assigned to a new tenant the council’s database notifies TFS of the new tenant and their arrival date. Within 1 day of the notification a member of the team visits the void property to assess any fencing requirements needed.

After initial assessment, Hull City Council are notified of what the property requires and then they approve the work. Beforehand or on the day the tenant moves in, TFS send a team of highly skilled fencers to carry out all the work required to the high standard expected by the Council.

TFS remain one of the Council’s approved suppliers to carry out the works required and have built a strong professional relationship together.


  • Properties assessed within 24 hours of notification
  • Competitive rate over the 10 year process
  • Quality controlled work standards maintained over course of contract
  • Highly skilled and mobile workforce on hand at all times
  • Strong relationship and trust between TFS and Hull City Council due to the professionalism and ongoing drive for excellence of both parties.
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