Case Study: Ebuyer

The Challenge

Thompson’s Fencing Services (TFS) Ltd was contacted by the facilities manager for ebuyer’s main depot in Howden, East Yorkshire. The depot houses a huge level of stock, which regularly gets shipped in and out by delivery vehicles. Whilst maintaining easy access to the factory the depot manager also required a fencing company to provide a security fencing system offering several key benefits and solutions:

Increased Security - Due to the volume and value of stock transported in and out of the depot on a day to day basis, a fencing solution was required which could ensure no unauthorised personnel could enter the site without clearance into the main compound at any time.

Acoustic Solution - Due to the location of the depot situated on the edge of the A63/M62, it meant that staff working outside in the depot loading area were submitted to traffic noise throughout the working day and night. In order to ensure Health and Safety standards were met and as a common courtesy to staff, the facilities manager needed the fencing system to act as a sound barrier to dampen out traffic noise in the loading bay.

Privacy - In order to ensure privacy when loading and receiving high value goods at the depot the security fencing system had to offer complete privacy around the area of the compound used for loading goods. Ensuring nobody outside the compound could see which goods were being handled at the depot.

Cost Effective - Due to the current economic climate a solution had to be devised within the company’s budget whilst still providing all of the requirements needed to ensure a secure compound for ebuyer.

Initially one of our experienced members from the quotation team visited the compound to gather measurements and provide consultation on the most effective security fencing available for a price range which suited the company. After initial discussions it was realised that another challenge would be to erect the necessary fencing in a short time frame as not to disrupt the day to day running of the company.

ebuyer’s facilities manager approached a number of fencing companies around the Hull and Humber region in order to find a fencing supplier with the most competitive price, who could also offer the capacity to get the work completed as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality and level of security provided by the fencing system.

The Solution

Having being impressed with our ability to offer excellent advice and knowledge built up over 30 years experience as well as our friendly and approachable quotation team whom the facility manager met on site, TFS were selected as the sole contractor to carry out the fencing work on the site.

Within 24 hours of initial contact a member of the quotations team devised a series of fencing systems for the job along with prices and measurement, based on the individual needs and budgets of the customer. Having received the order a member of staff who had initially agreed the specification set out the works program and took one of our experienced CSCS card holding fencing teams on site to ensure the job was completed exactly how it has been agreed and to a highly satisfactory standard for the customer.

After looking through the list of security fencing solutions provided by our quotations team, ebuyer selected a system consisting of 3m high close board fencing set on 4 secure rails and extra strong steel posts set in solidified concrete bases to ensure extra strength.

The system would make it extremely difficult for any intruders to enter the compound and almost impossible for them to remove any items from within due to the height of the fencing. This provided the increased security and as the boarding was fixed with no gaps along the 3m horizontal area a high level of sound from the nearby motorway was shielded away as discussed upon initial site meetings with the facility manager.

The height of the fencing combined with the tight close board finish on the fencing ensured that unless inside the compound there was no way of seeing into the area or scale the fence to view goods being transported in and out of the compound. Furthermore due to the volumes and supply chains TFS have with timber suppliers, the pricing was highly competitive and within the allotted budget, with all timber treated with an environmentally friendly tanelith e solution and supplied from an environmentally credited and sustainable source the timber came with a 15 year guarantee.

Upon completion of the works a member of the management team visited the site to go through everything with the clients to ensure they were satisfied with the fencing system and to ensure there were no problems with any of the work that had been carried out. The facilities manager for ebuyer was extremely satisfied with the final product and TFS were given praise for our excellent service as well as the final product.


  • Quotations assessed within 24 hours
  • Highly experienced quotations/site management team
  • Competitive rates on all forms of fencing
  • Quality controlled work standards maintained over course of contract
  • Highly skilled and mobile workforce on hand at all times (CSCS Card Registered).
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