Case Study: C R Reynolds Construction Ltd

The Challenge

C R Reynolds Construction Ltd were running two major housing regeneration sites located in Leeds and Bradford. The renovation and regeneration projects aimed to improve the image of the areas as well as improve the quality of life for the residents, creating a more cohesive community.

One of the main projects in both cities for C R Reynolds was to create a park within each area of regeneration so that children and families would have a place to go to enjoy sports, play areas and socialise with other members of the community. There were a number of key challenges in building these parks for C R Reynolds Construction.

Firstly, the contractor for the parks work needed suitable fencing experience to safely supply and fit a perimeter fence around the park to ensure children were safe from hazards such as the surrounding roads. Installing the perimeter fence would also involve clearing the fence line around the park removing any bushes and excess vegetation as well as old existing fencing. These materials would then have to be removed and disposed of by the contactor’s themselves.

Secondly, the contractor chosen would require sufficient experience and skills in handling and installing steel play areas, including M.U.G.A (multi use game areas) systems, tennis courts, basketball courts etc

Finally, due to the complexity and cost of renovating large estates, C R Reynolds required a contractor that could not only deliver the work for a competitive price, but a contractor who could also ensure that the work could be completed to a specific time frame. This meant the contactor needed a proven track record working on similar sites in which could prove their efficiency and ability to meet a deadline.

The Solution

C R Reynolds Construction looked at a number of contractors to carry out the work and chose TFS based on several criteria, past experience and proven track record for meeting deadlines, competitive pricing and experience in steel game/play areas.

TFS delivered perimeter fencing to both sites, totalling over 550m in all. The fencing was supplied and fitted by TFS and our highly skilled workforce. Each site had a team of experienced workers as well as a site supervisor with years of experience and a trained CSCS card holder to further prove there competence in running the site works.

In total each site required around 300m of 2.4m high chainlink fencing to secure the parks perimeter as well as security fencing surrounding tennis courts and 1 M.U.G.A system in each park. All of this was supplied and fitted by TFS as we have full time steel fabricators as well as steel and timber fencing specialists, allowing us to deliver a range of services for all fencing related contracts.

The parks perimeter fencing involved a great deal of landscape removal such as excess vegetation and old fencing. All staff have been trained and given sufficient equipment to deal with this role, including the removal of concrete paths that may be in the way when erecting a fence. As TFS have partnered with Biowise who are a waste disposal company, it means the excess vegetation can be used to act as a soaking agent in the recycling of council waste allowing an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to waste disposal.

All the steel products were finished with green RAL-6005 powder coating to help make the fencing in the park more aesthetically appealing, as well as being inspected for any sharp edges, gaps, loose fittings etc that could potentially be hazardous to park users.


  • Access to skilled and experienced professionals, to assist with planning and installation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality controlled work standards maintained over course of contract and inspected regularly in keeping with the TFS quality assurance policy
  • Highly skilled and mobile workforce on hand at all times, including experienced steel fabrication specialists
  • A personal approach offering flexible, innovative and adaptable works.
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