Case Study: Boards of Cottingham Ltd

The Challenge

Boards of Cottingham Ltd, one of the areas major suppliers of timber products and JJI roofing joints, required high level security fencing which could be erected to secure the companies main storage yard. The location of the yard and the contents within meant it needed to be secured urgently in order to keep any unwanted trespassers out of the area.

Due to the current economic state, Boards of Cottingham Ltd needed secure and affordable fencing as quickly as possible, yet still to a high enough standard to stop trespassers entering the compound - ensuring products and materials were secure.

Initially one of our experienced members of the quotation team visited the compound to gather measurements and provide consultation on the most effective security fencing available for a price range which suited the company. After initial discussions it was realised that another challenge would be to erect the necessary fencing in a short time frame as not to disrupt the day to day running of the company.

Boards of Cottingham Ltd approached a number of fencing companies around the Hull and Humber region in order to find a fencing supplier with the most competitive price, who could also offer the capacity to get the work completed as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality and level of security provided by the fencing system.

The Solution

Boards of Cottingham Ltd selected Thompson’s Fencing Services Ltd (TFS) as the main contractor after being impressed from the outset with our ability to offer excellent advice and knowledge built up over 30 years experience on the various secure fencing systems, which can still be purchased at an affordable rate, whilst delivering maximum compound security.

The initial meeting on the site allowed our trained quotation team member the opportunity to look at the surroundings, discuss the requirements and gain a budget. From this information our quotation team quickly drew up several options for security fencing from medium to high level with a range of costs and communicated the benefits and draw backs of each whilst making a recommendation.

After looking through the options, Boards of Cottingham Ltd settled on the initial recommendation of having a perimeter of 2.4m high palisade fencing, complete with cranked tops and barbed wire erecting around the compound. The system would make it extremely difficult for any intruders to enter the compound and almost impossible for them to remove any items from within due to the height of the fencing. Furthermore due to the volumes and supply chains TFS have with palisade manufacturers the pricing was highly competitive and within the allotted budget.

Next TFS worked on a programme for when the works could be completed. The program was based around the required date for completion as well as the working hours within the compound. This allowed the fully trained CSCS card holding fencing team from TFS to come to the site at a convenient time and complete the fencing as required, whilst causing the least impact upon the day to day operations of the client.

Upon completion of the works a member of the management team visited the site to go through everything with the clients to ensure they were satisfied with the fencing system and to ensure there were no problems with any of the work that had been carried out. The Director of the company was extremely satisfied with the final product and has remained a loyal customer since.


  • Quotations assessed within 24 hours
  • Highly experienced quotations/site management team
  • Competitive rates on all forms of fencing
  • Quality controlled work standards maintained over course of contract
  • Highly skilled and mobile workforce on hand at all times (CSCS Card Registered).
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